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Our SAN backup server is now waiting to backup your data. It is easy, simple, and secure. If anything happen to your server or data by any reason, you will be now safe that you have our SAN server backing up your data. Start by installing the free 30-day trial today or calling us for more information.




Starting from 4,xxx Baht / month


Secure your data today as low as 4,xxx Baht per month. This plan gives you one account up to 5 machine profiles that can be separately backed up. Discount up to 60% with longer contract. The minimum storage size is 250GB with unlimited versioning. There is no investment or maintenance cost for you, only monthly fee. Contact us now for pricing details.




Flexible your need


SAN backup solutions provides you broad range of flexibility to back up your data ranging from common files type to virtualization system. Our comprehensive features are substantially categorized but easy to configure. Configuration can be done via SAN agent installed on your machine or SAN server at our datacenter.





No limit backup and restore at anytime anywhere


Only internet connection is needed for you to backup or restore the data. We are not interesting how often data is backup or restore but only storage size at our SAN server. It does not matter where you are in this globe, if internet connection is there, your data is always there.





Deal with large data


With our seed load and in-file delta technologies, the first time backup large data from client machine is done through local portable device and locally transferred to backup server. Only changes is required to back up subsequently. Restoration of large data also can be done locally at datacenter. SAN Solutions personnel can hand you the data with large storage media.




Is it safe?


SAN Solutions regularly monitors all data stored in our secure datacenter. Data being backed up to our server is encrypted and compressed before sending over secured link internet. Restoration your data from server required user password to decrypt your data.





Start to protect your data today!



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